3 Months to Heaven    

About the Author

Kathy Perry is an author, speaker and marketing consultant.  She is the author of Reality TV & You a personal development book on the Law of Attraction.  Kathy’s personal journey inspired her to write this practical, easy-read book that empowers everyone to take control of their own life script. 

Kathy is the founder of iWomanLife.com, a Social Networking site for women and the founder of PeakPerformanceWomen.com, an online resource for women.  Ms. Perry openly shares her heartfelt messages about life and career to enhance women’s lives.  Kathy mentors and motivates business professionals and college students to achieve their unlimited potential through interactive, educational and motivational keynotes, workshops and tele-seminars. 

She has guest-lectured at the University of South Florida and was also honored as a finalist in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Business Woman of the Year Awards.  Kathy is a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

After the unexpected death of her husband of 39 years, Kathy immersed herself in healing work, learning many new healing modalities which not only helped her heal her heart, but her personal work is now also helping many others as well.  She began writing 3 Months to Heaven as a part of her healing process.

As a speaker, author, and marketing consultant, Kathy shares the various energy healing techniques and healthy living tools that have transformed her life and along the way has helped countless others.  Because of Kathy’s extensive sales and marketing background, she also continues to provide marketing coaching and consulting services.  

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